Dale and Gem

Jorge "Gem" Duras instructor/director

CTNow video feature

2015 CT Tango Fest opening Milonga as featured on CTNow (Hartford Courant). Gem Duras performing and teaching with Dale Ellison.

CT Now 2015

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Expert Argentine Tango instruction

Tango Sueño Academy is the premier Argentine Tango school in Connecticut, serving elite dancers for more than 14 years under the direction of Jorge "Gem" Duras.

The group and private lessons focus on authentic Argentine Tango as danced and performed in the halls of Buenos Aires. The classes take place in Stamford, New Haven, Hartford and Danbury metropolitan as well as Westchester NY.

Gem has been dancing Argentine Tango for more than 23 years and teaching professionally since 2003. He trains and encourages his students to acquire the proper tango technique, so that they can create the sensuality, musicality and partner connection that the Argentine Tango is famous for.

Although Tango Sueño Academy offers choreography and performance classes for more advanced students, the essence of tango "where the two partners become one" is never forgotten, with the goal of enabling the students to dance with others at local tango events and throughout the world including Buenos Aires.

The group classes are supplemented with various activities such as milongas, practicas and student performaces, as well as special events with guest instructors.


Group classes

Private lessons

Advanced tango technique, strength and balance training

Special discounts for new students

Wedding dances, performances and choreography

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Connecticut Tango Festival

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Gem Duras and Dale Ellison

What is new?

interviewed on WTNH News 8 (ABC) by Ryan Kristafer

Gem Duras talking about the the CT Tango Fest 2017, with his student Cecilia Gamondes.

News 8 Interview 2017

Live on CT Style

Gem Duras live on CT Style, to discuss the CT Tango Fest, July 2017. Dancing with Linda Mejia.

CT Style 2017

recent performance videos


Gem Duras and Dale Ellison perform in Charleston, SC


Gem Duras and Sarah Bell perform in Milford, CT


Gem Duras and Dale Ellison perform in Charleston, SC


Gem Duras and Linda Mejia perform in Wilton, CT


Gem Duras and Dale Ellison perform to Paris, Texas at Vitti's Dance Studio


Gem Duras and Valentina Molina perform at the Crystal Theater


Dale and Gem's performance for Yale Tango Club in New Haven in 2009


Tango Sueño Performance Group at the 2011 CT Tango Fest


Dale and Gem's performance at the Rhythm Club in Norwalk, CT