Dancing Tango Has Its Rewards!

The Passionate Tanguero Program (TM) is a rewards program which is designed for Tango Sueño Academy regulars to accumulate points during a calendar year to receive discounts and special rewards during the following year. Dancers who reach Tanguero de Oro (TM) or Tanguera de Oro (TM) status receive special discounts and class card discounts during the following calendar year. Please note that the points earned can only be redeemed the following year or the next.

Earn Points in 2024

Participation in Points Received

Essentials Group Class 15

Intermediate/Advanced Group Class 5

Special Workshop (CT Tango Fest or Weekend) 20

Milonga TS, Seasons 25

Milonga TS, New Dimensions 25

Boot Camp for Beginners 50

Stage Tango Class 20

Private Lesson 20

Buenos Aires Trip participation 600

Performing at Milonga TS 100

Redeem Points in 2024

Activity Points Redeemed

One hour class, $30 3000

4-week consecutive class session, $120 8000

Redemption towards the Buenos Aires Trip: 1.5% of the points, up to $120
up to 8000 points can be used

6-class card 10000

Milonga TS 3000

Boot Camp for Beginners 3000

Tanguero de Oro (TM)

  The dancers who receive 1000 or more points in one calendar year, reach the Tanguero de Oro (TM) elite status. Some of the special rewards are as follows:

$100 credit towards the Annual Buenos Aires Trip

10% discount when registering for the month

discount registration for the CT Tango Fest and Weekend

20% more points earned for each paid event

Other rewards to be announced throughout the year